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on the go !
  1. Hands Free while exercising !
    Hands Free while exercising !
    Wrist Water Bottles is a great way to keep yourself hydrated while you exercise. It is simple and easy to use. There are many types of water bottles in the market for runners. But running with a water bottle in one hand or on a vest is quite uncomfortable. Swiggies provide the fuss free solution and readily accessible to hydration no matter how fast you are running.
  2. Many Uses
    Many Uses
    Swiggies can be used for many occasions ! Training, competing, warming up for all types of sports, fishing, walking, cycling, sailing, riding, gardening, in school, parties, when in hospital, injured, etc. Wherever and whenever you require a drink and don't want to carry a water bottle - Swiggies is the perfect choice ! Swiggies come in 7 great colours too !
  3. Water Bottles for Everyone
    Water Bottles for Everyone
    Drink and hydrate anytime, anywhere with a green product. Totally hands-free, it is contoured to strap onto your wrist and comfortable to wear over clothing. Swiggies holds 11 ounces (325ml) of water or sports drink for adults and 8 ounces (236ml) for kids. They can be frozen to lower body temperature in the heat. Swiggies has been approved by Child Safe International as a safe, GREEN, BPA-free product.
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Thinking of a unique promotional idea ?
You have come to the right place.
Swiggies is a GREAT promotional item for your branding purposes. It is an inexpensive way to advertise your brand, plus your brand awareness gets a real boost because your logo can be seen again and again !
Our corporate clients include Xerox, Nextel, Coffee Club, and the Dublin Marathon. Over half a million of Swiggies have been sold around the world and still counting ! 
Swiggies have also been sold in the alcohol industry as a unique novelty promotional product for event such as Marti Gras, pub crawls and Hash Harriers.
If you are interested in having a unique promotional product customised with your logo (Asia and Middle East countries), please contact [email protected]